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10 Categories Flower Pots

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Sincerely hope below tips can help you pick out the flower pots you like, raise the plants well, and receive green and happy!

1, Ceramic Flower Pots

This category includes pottery basin, porcelain basin, clay basin, ceramic basin with glaze, purple sand basin and so on. The air permeability order is clay pot > Clay pot > purple sand pot > Ceramic pot with glaze > porcelain pot.

The composition of their own are also different, the general ceramic pot type of production raw materials are mainly clay and sand, the coarse ceramic particles are obviously the result of adding part of sand; The zisha basin, as a special pottery, is made of high quality clay produced in Yixing area. It can be said that it is a geographical regional product. The main components of porcelain basin raw materials are kaolin, quartz, feldspar and so on. The firing temperature is basically according to the above order, the clay pot and pottery pot temperature in 800-1000 degrees, porcelain basin needs the highest temperature, 1200-1300 degrees, of course, this is just a general rule, now the ceramic technology is more advanced, each temperature range of products have, but the higher the temperature, the more dense the texture of the finished product is certain.

1.1, Clay Pot, also known as vegetarian pot or pot. The biggest advantage is low price, drainage, good permeability, suitable for the growth of a variety of flowers, a wide range of applications, is the most commonly used in family pot pot. But it is characterized by rough texture, heavy, not beautiful.


1.2, Pottery Pots, also called pottery basin, black pottery basin on the market, red pottery basin, pottery basin, clay pot can be classified as pottery basin, it is made of clay firing, the surface is not glazed, breathability is very good, the color is red, gray and black, it is breathable, water permeability is very good, very suitable for raising plants and flowers.


1.3, With glazed Pottery Pots, there is a glaze on the surface of the pottery basin, so that the surface of the flower pot is smooth and beautiful, but the permeability is worse than the pottery basin.


1.4, Porcelain Pots, aslo call porcelain basins, are made of clay, the difference is that the surface of the porcelain basin has a layer of glaze, breathable, water permeability is poor, but its appearance is clean and elegant, beautiful and beautiful, there are many patterns to choose, generally used in some public places planting use. The porcelain plate can be used as a set of potted pots to decorate the room or display flowers.


1.5, Purple Sand Pots, it is also a kind of pottery basin, purple sand basin is a specific geographical product, mainly produced in Yixing, so also called Yixing basin, its dense structure, close to porcelain, strength, fine texture, fine particles, air permeability, water permeability are very good. Due to the high price, but its appearance is beautiful and generous, is a relatively high-end flower pot, mainly used for planting Ming orchid and bonsai and other high value flowers.


2, Plastic Flower Pots

Because of its light weight, many shapes and colors, the price is not high, and the production is fast and suitable for industrial mass production, the flowers planted in plastic POTS are much easier and more convenient than the clay POTS, and are very popular among flower growers, in addition, the use of POTS for POTS is also very suitable, widely used in families, hotels, offices, conference venues and other scenes.    According to the plant name, there are green mountain basin, green mountain root control basin, gallon basin, Holon basin, nursery basin, orchid basin, bulb basin, succulent basin, vegetable basin, etc.;    According to the scene and location, there are indoor flower vases, outdoor flower POTS, office flower POTS, window flower POTS, wall flower POTS, rooftop flower POTS, balcony flower POTS, fence flower POTS, and other categories.


3, Wood Flower Pot

Especially logs, after planting plants appear very simple, natural, has a very good decorative effect, and with wood splicing into the planting trough, planting box, etc., but due to the texture of the wood loose, long-term exposure, and watering and fertilizing, the wooden pot can be used for a very limited number of years.


4, Metal Flower Pots

Includes galvanized flowerpots, stainless steel flowerpots, etc., they have a unique metallic luster, but the permeability, water permeability is poor, can be used to cultivate plants at the bottom of the hole, and add a waterproof layer inside.


5.  Glass Flower Pots

Also known as glass bottles, or glass jars, mainly used to do micro landscape and hydroponic plant containers, in fact, the root growth of plants, or in the light, nutrient rich, loose and breathable matrix growth is best, but now many families prefer this form of hydroponic, feel clean and bright, less pests and diseases, if it is a net hydroponic, the water below can also raise a few small fish.  Hydroponics is mainly some water-wet plants, such as: arum ‍, evergreen ‍, green laurel ‍, copper money grass ‍, white taro ‍ and so on.


6, Plant Fiber Flower Pots

It is a kind of environmentally friendly flowerpot that has appeared in recent years. It is a degradable flowerpot made of crop waste such as straw, rice husk and peanut shell, crushed and mixed. Plant fiber pot is a good choice, its price is not high, slightly higher than plastic pot, pot wall thickness, weight and texture are similar to plastic pot, color and shape are also more diverse. It has environmental protection characteristics that can be completely degraded, in addition, its air permeability is also relatively good, which is conducive to plant growth. At present, the relatively small specifications of plant fiber flowerpots are generally used for 3 or 4 years without problems, and the larger specifications of flowerpots are prone to cracking and deformation when watered more, which needs to be further developed and optimized.


7, Cement Flower Pots

This is the Nordic style of home decoration popular, more sought after a kind of flowerpot. The Nordic style is known for its simplicity, and the colors are mostly black, white and gray as well as some metal and wood colors, focusing on lines and simplicity. The cement flowerpot is gray, straight lines, very strong industrial style, and planted with a vibrant plant, such as big qin leaf FIG ‍ or changleaf wood ‍, is a very good match. The advantages are: anticorrosive and durable, not afraid of sun and rain, not perishable, not deformed, not aging, beautiful, suitable for outdoor gardens, home scenes, general cement pot capacity is relatively large, suitable for all kinds of planting needs; Disadvantages: heavy, poor air permeability.


8, Magnesium Mud Flowerpots

It is to mix magnesium oxide and brine, add modifier, and spread the mixed slurry on the glass mesh cloth to make the required flowerpot. This flower pot is cheap, versatile and durable. Interior decoration boutique. This material can make a variety of shapes, colors of flower POTS, and corrosion resistance, acid resistance, and can be degraded, environmental protection and pollution-free. The disadvantage is that the price is high, the production process and material quality of the magnesium mud basin are relatively high, so it will be more expensive, heavy, and there are problems of wear.


9, Stone Flower Pots

Because it is a natural material, the flower pot made is also more natural charm. Stone flower POTS with small volume are good, can be put on the desk to appreciate, large specifications are too bulky, not suitable for families, mostly made of flower POTS, used in a larger open space environment. The same texture of the stone basin is too dense, impervious to water and breathable, which is not conducive to plant growth.


10, Fabric Flower Pots(Non-woven Bag Flowerpots)

The material is non-woven, non-woven fabric is breathable, and does not leak soil, low price, convenient storage. Almost all plants can be grown, some families will buy its to grow vegetables, and many nurseries will also use tthem to grow flowers.



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