Chicken Wire vs. Hardware Cloth

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Is your poor-quality chicken wire making it difficult for you to keep your chicken safe? Do you wish to construct a sturdy farm fence for chickens? Then it is true that you need to think about fencing the coop.

A fence can keep predators at bay, so you should be aware of its capacity to protect the coop using hardware cloth and chicken wire.

Both chicken wire and hardware cloth shield your hens from potential predators. They are both beneficial in various ways. Both of these are useful for your farm.

Chicken Wire

If the chicken coop is located on your property or in close proximity to your home, you might want to consider using chicken wire. The term "chicken wire" refers to a steel wire mesh that has apertures in the shape of twisted hexagons. Coating the apertures with galvanized or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) provides protection. As well as being thin and flexible, it is simple to cut and cover the space in the coop. On the other hand, chicken wire is not robust enough to prevent predators from entering the area.

Chicken Wire Types

Galvanized steel chicken wire is the most widely available variety on the market. Because lower-gauge wire is thicker and more resilient than larger-gauge wire, it is a preferable choice. The range of gauge is 19 to 22, and the apertures could be anywhere from ½ inch to 2 inches.

Manufacturers construct certain cables from various metals and apply different coverings for protection. However, they cost a lot of money and are essentially the same as standard chicken wire. For additional fowl, people erect a separate barrier out of plastic chicken wire. Despite its tendency to break easily, plastic wire can still effectively conceal the run.

Chicken WireFence meshHexagonal wire meshnet (2)

Where to Use Chicken Wire?

The only way for wire wires to do their job of protecting your chicken is if you use them in the appropriate location. It is not compatible with chicken coops in any way. Due to the fact that the apertures are quite large and the wire is not sufficiently tough, it is possible for any animal to pass through them. The only time that your chicken will be completely safe is when you are at home. Because the fence will alert you, you will be able to come and safeguard the flocks.

Additionally, the wire can serve as a run roof to protect the newborn chick from birds. If you are seeking a more cost-effective solution, cover the entire area with this wire. It is also possible for this barrier to keep hens away from plants and vegetables. To temporarily plug the wire, drill holes in the run. Another method to deter predators from digging into the coop is burying animals underground around the perimeter of the coop.

Benefits of Chicken Wire

The main benefits of employing chicken wire are that it is inexpensive, pliable, and simple to construct a fence around and safeguard the chickens. To strengthen the wall, wrap the region twice or more with this wire. You can also create any form. Because the wire is pliable, it bends readily. Chicken wire easily creates circles, rectangles, and shapes of any size.

On occasion, this wire can also keep foxes and raccoons away from the coop. The temporary plug holes help keep the chickens inside the coop and prevent them from getting into your garden.

Hardware Cloth Chicken Fencing

The thickness and durability of hardware cloth are superior to those of chicken wire. After being woven, it must be welded together to form a square or rectangular shape. The construction of the square or rectangular shape utilizes both bare steel and stainless steel. In addition to this, the apertures are galvanized into a grid that is both durable and produced from strong-gauge metal. In comparison to chicken wire, this is a superior option. Hardware fabric is resistant to the elements, and the holes are far smaller than those found in chicken wire. It is less likely to bend, manipulate, or tear.

In comparison to chicken wire, the galvanized metal that makes up hardware cloth is more durable. Even though hardware cloth might be somewhat pricey, you should only apply it in areas where a predator could potentially obtain it.

Garden Hardware Cloth 500-336-1

Hardware Cloth Types

Hardware cloth also has wide varieties, but all are not for raising chickens. The ideal materials for chicken protectors are carbon, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. For chicken coops, hardware cloth measuring 12 to 14 gauge is the ideal option because it is impossible for animals to break through it. Allow a maximum of ½ inch for the openings, although ¼ inch is more protective.

Where to Use Hardware Cloth?

Hardware cloth comes in various sizes and is pliable. The density and strength are higher because the materials are not as strong as chicken wire. To keep the chickens safe from roving animals or predators, you can cover the coop's roof and run. During the day is the ideal time to use the wire. The run and pet chicken coop will keep the birds near and secure. You can also cover the area with plants and vegetables.

However, hardware cloth is limited to covering windows, doors, corners of fences, lower portions, and other surfaces due to its high cost. In cases where there are several predators in the neighborhood, it is advisable to use hardware cloth. Additionally, burying the hardware cloth deep enough to protect the chicken allows for its use on the ground as well.

Benefits of Hardware Cloth

Compared to chicken wire, hardware cloth is more resilient. It shields the chicken from predators.

Correctly placing hardware cloth can repel the predator without causing harm to your flocks. Your flocks won't suffer any harm either.

Several gauges provide strong protection. To stop predators from digging up the floor, apply the hardware cloth to it.

Choosing Between Hardware Cloth and Chicken Wire

Hardware cloth comes out on top when it comes to the chicken's protection. The material is worth the price, even though it is pricey. Although chicken wire is very robust, it fractures and bends easily. Hardware cloth is more durable and maintains its shape over time. Let's say that you have no trouble with money. After that, grab the hardware cloth.


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