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Magnesium Mud Flowerpot

Magnesium mud flowerpot is always make life fashion and elegance

Magnesium mud flowerpot is to mix magnesium oxide and brine, add modifier, and spread the mixed slurry on the glass mesh cloth to make the required flowerpot, this material can make a variety of shapes, colors of flower pot, and corrosion resistance, acid resistance, and can be degraded, environmental protection and pollution-free, here are their advantages:

1, Light and durable, environmental protection, novel and beautiful shape, waterproof, fireproof, no deformation, not easy to aging, good corrosion resistance.

2, High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.

3, Heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption.

4, Aging resistance.

5, unique production process, free molding.

6, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, can purify the air (can absorb carbon dioxide in the air).

7, The surface can be light, rough, imitation stone, imitation wood, imitation clay, imitation glass steel, the material is dense, the color can be matched arbitrarily, the surface is special treatment, never fade.

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