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How to Choose the Best Garden Hose?

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You were mistaken if you arrived here believing that "there's no way I could possibly read an entire article on hoses." Just wait till you start working on that large gardening job and the cheap hose you bought at the big box store splits on you when you turn it on.

After that, you'll regret not having marched your muddy, wet self back inside to finish reading the article you came upon today about hoses. Hoses matter; trust me when I say that you will save time, money, and irritation.

Until you get a very excellent one, you are unaware of how important they are. You won't go back once you use an excellent one. It will last you for years and be simple to use.

This guide will assist you in determining what matters most and where to look for it. It doesn't have to be really expensive. Great hoses are available for every budget and kind of gardener. Many things have become possible thanks to new technologies.

Although the traditional bulky rubber hoses are still useful, lighter, kink-free versions are also available.

You have to know what you're searching for because there are so many variations in garden hose sizes, colors, and styles. Additionally, they have many properties, like kink resistance, microbiological prevention, and multi-ply structure.

There are hoses with reels attached, water control valves, replaceable nozzles, and materials that are more robust than others. You can already feel overloaded with options because there are so many available.

These are the primary features that you ought to search for when purchasing a garden hose.


The greatest option for something lightweight, reasonably priced, and manageable is a vinyl or vinyl-reinforced hose. Although they aren't as strong as other materials, you should be able to replace them if they break because they are so cheap.

Rubber is heavier but more resilient. It is more resilient to temperature fluctuations and is probably going to live a lot longer. It also has a lower chance of kinking or burst.

Hoses composed of materials that are exceptionally flexible, such as plastic, are also available. Because of their modest weight, they are convenient to carry around the garden. It's also simple to store them.

Collapsible material hoses are also quite useful. When you switch them off, the water drains out and the hose lies flat for storage since they expand as they fill with water.

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Consider toilet paper. Just one, please? I'm definitely not going to finish the task. Four layers? We are now conversing. This speaks to the hose's layers and is closely related to strength. A hose's strength increases with its number of plies.

The majority of domestic hoses feature one to six plies with a mesh reinforcing layer in the center.

You should get a hose that can survive frequent usage if you use it frequently during the day, especially in the summer when the sun is very hot. Should you use it infrequently, you might not require something as potent.


They also come in 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4-inch diameters. The water will flow more quickly the larger the diameter.

This is crucial when discussing the size of the garden you have to water or the amount of water a specific plant may require each day. When it comes to filling a pool at the start of the summer, it might also be significant.


Garden hoses come in a range of lengths, from 25 to 100 feet. If that isn't long enough, you can purchase connectors to connect two hoses. Additionally, longer, customized hoses might be available in select locations.

Even if there are situations where a longer hose is necessary, keep in mind that the longer your hose is, the lower your water pressure will be. Ensure that the hose you choose is long enough to reach the necessary location, but no longer.

Purchasing two shorter hoses and connecting them as needed is the best option. In this manner, you can handle the short hoses much more easily and only need to utilize the long one when absolutely required.

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The hose can be connected to the water supply using the couplings, or fittings, located at its end. Hoses with plastic or metal fittings are available. The metal fittings, which are often made of brass and far more durable than plastic, might be difficult for those with weak hands to use.

Get an ergonomically curved plastic fitting if you require something that is simple to tighten by hand. To keep it from kinking close to the spigot, certain hoses have strengthening around the fitting.


Specialty hoses, such as irrigation-specific soaker hoses and sprinkler hoses, come in a variety of forms. Take a look at either of these hose kinds if you're searching for something that handles the majority of the job for you.

Sprinkler hoses are placed on the ground and have upward-pointing holes all the way through them. They function similarly to sprinklers in that they softly spray water via these holes. Compared to a single sprinkler, they cover a far larger area, even if they don't oscillate.

You can bury soaker hoses under the mulch and use them all over your garden. Water can seep through the porous material used to make them. After turning them on, let the moisture seep into your plants.

Your soil and vegetation will take care of themselves by absorbing all the water they require. This kind of hose has the advantage of having very little waste.


Although most garden hoses don't include nozzles, using your garden hose can be much simpler with these add-ons. You can regulate the water flow to your desired level by turning the dial on an adjustable spray nozzle.

It's a terrific investment for practically any gardener because it works well for a wide range of plants. Even heavy-duty commercial types are suitable for cleaning tasks around the house.

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By storing your garden hose on a reel, you can keep it safe and extend its lifespan. By keeping your garden hose off the ground, you may prevent standing water from rotting. It will also keep you from mowing over it or tripping over it.

Reels can be stored in the garage or mounted on the exterior of your home. Alternatively, you can roll up your hose on a portable reel and take it with you as you need it in the garden. They can be ornamental as well as utilitarian because they are available in a wide variety of forms.


Safety is something that a lot of people overlook when purchasing a garden hose. The days of kids spending the entire summer outside and staying out until dusk are long gone. Do they even now drink directly from the hose?

Still, it's something to think about if you're a farm-living person like myself. Make sure the water from the hose is guaranteed to be food-grade and devoid of lead, BPA, or phthalate if you, your family, or your pets will be drinking from it.

The water will taste almost exactly as it does right out of the faucet because it won't change its flavor. You can safely drink from one of these hoses as long as it has been washed out first, even though you should never drink water that has been sitting in the hot sun.

In Summary

Consider which type of hose could work best for you for a moment before grabbing the first one you see on the shelf. Even if you have to pay a little bit extra, you'll ultimately receive what you pay for.

The frustration of kinks, attaching and disconnecting, or a hose melting in the sun is something no one wants to deal with. Maintain the enjoyable and carefree atmosphere of summer with a high-quality hose that fulfills its intended purpose.


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