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Wind Grid

The module is used to construct the plant planting foundation of the facade. The concave hexagonal cup body is designed, and the built-in drip irrigation channel is easy to install. It is quickly constructed into a planting platform with large volume, loose oxygen ventilation, reasonable storage and drainage, which can easily create the most beautiful facade landscape.

Basic Principles

It is an innovation of 3D container greening technology, the basic principle is to use module combination to build 3D planting platform, which has simple structure, easy later management, simple installation and combination, and can be quickly built into a whole connected and can realize irrigation, water storage, drainage and planting functions from top to bottom, the unique replaceable and pull&plug and independent planting pot has large capacity and good ventilation, suitable for more plant planting characteristics, not only can be used for 3D afforestation engineering, but also suitable for 3D home garden greening and balcony planting.

Technical Characters

1, Rich products, suitable for indoor and outdoor environment.

2, Low cost, more greening projects.

3, Rich plant varieties, high survival rate and good coverage.

4, Easy to replace, easy to maintain, applicable to a wide range of areas.

Product Details

Wind Cup-1 800-800Wind Cup-3 800-800Wind Cup-2 800-800

Product Applications


盐田政协之家——风杯花盒 (4)


新国际会展中心休闲带——风杯花盒 (10)

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