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Garden Scissors

Suitable lawn and garden scissors, shears or pruners can make your works more efficent
The main uses of garden shears are as follows:

1, adjust the reasonable distribution of branches and leaves. That is, on the basis of reshaping, the density of branches and leaves, the distribution direction and the leaf area coefficient of each part of the tree crown were adjusted to maximize the effective photosynthetic area of the tree crown.

2. Regulate growth and results. To normalize vegetative growth but not flourish; Flowering and fruiting in appropriate amounts without weakening the tree; At the same time, it can prevent fruit trees from aging in advance and renew and rejuvenate in time.

3, adjust the proportion of branch composition. Different tree species and tree age require a corresponding and appropriate proportion of branches, so that the operation, distribution, consumption and accumulation of nutrients in the tree during the annual growth cycle can be coordinated according to the normal growth and reproductive rhythm.

4, pruning can also balance the growth potential between groups of plants and the main branches on a plant, so as to achieve a balanced yield, easy to manage. In addition, pruning is also a means to coordinate the growth of the above-ground part with the root system.

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