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Such A Beautiful Interior Landscape Wall, Who Can Not Love Them?

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Hony Tower Vertical Gardening-Indoor Greening Wall

Another ecological micro-forest within office space


Project name: Hony Tower Vertical Gardening-Indoor Greening Wall

Project location: Guiwan Financial Street, Qianhai, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Process structure: Felt Paving Process(Wind Felt)

Completion time: 2021.12



Optimizing office green environment is benefit to improving work efficiency

According to the theory of environmental psychology, environment and human behavior and psychology affect each other. The unique natural attributes of vertical gardening greatly enrich the space experience of office environment. For people who have been in a single environment for a long time, the plant greening wall that presents a natural form and growth brings changes in the visual landscape, which can greatly relieve the pressure.


East Wall Shooting Before Construction


West Wall Shooting Before Construction


Design Concept

Idea from <<The Japanese Bridge by Claude Monet>>

In the picture, the ornamental plants of calamus, lily, rhododendron and hydrangea surround the pond, pink water lilies float on the water, and willows and wisteria flow down the water, making the picture in the quiet tones of blue and green but also lively warm tones.

The balance between quiet and active in the picture is the atmosphere that I want to give this space green walls.


East Wall Design Scheme


West Wall Design Scheme


Plant Selecting

Butterfly orchid, Apple arrowroot, Silk reed, Alum root, Asparagus, Bird 's-nest fern, Guanyin lotus with black leaves, Saxifraga,Ficus pumila, Bamboo, Spring plumage, Phalaenopsis, Alum root, Pink Demidiola, Cool flower, Bird's nest fern, Queen Ruyi of coarse rib grass, Reticulate grass, Black leaf Guanyin lotus, Little angel and so on dozens of plants are planted to make the wall alive, fresh the air and relax life.


Completion Shooting of East Wall(2021.12)


Live Shooting of East Wall(2022.3)


Completion Shooting of West Wall(2021.12)


Live Shooting of West Wall(2022.3)


Plant Trvia

Barren growth, the phenomenon of overdevelopment of stems and leaves in plants due to uncoordinated growth conditions.

In the face of overly lush plant stems and leaves, we need to "ruthless" trim away the barren parts, which not only retains nutrients for the subsequent survival of the plant, but also is more conducive to the overall shape of the plant wall.



In the half year after the project was completed, we often cited the design case of this project and went back to the site to review and record this plant wall.

We have always believed that only by constantly reviewing and thinking about the end, can we continue to break through and innovate in design, and time has witnessed this plant wall, and we continue to grow and change. Design is also reflected in the relationship between man and nature, which is increasingly beautiful, long-lasting and well-appreciated.

-- Designer Chen Gengfeng



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