Roof Gardening, The Application of Planter Assembly Technology Goes To School's Environmental Education Platform

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Roof gardening is a highlight of current urban construction, it can not only effectively improve the urban ecological environment, improve the effective use of urban land, increase the urban green area, improve building energy consumption, effectively adsorb the suspended pollutants over the city, purify the air, and create an ecological and comfortable living space for people. It is also the basic technology of sponge city construction in China, which can effectively absorb, store and use rainwater, delay the discharge of rainwater, and reduce the pressure of storm-flood discharge of municipal pipe networks. It can also become a new economic highlight such as urban ecological agriculture and ecological tourism.

Cloud box is such a kind of great greening device for roof gardening.

It is an innovative technology integrates traditional layered and module's advantages of two technologies into one, which build not only simple roof gardening, but also sky garden.

The basic principle is to use a combination of modules to build a plant planting platform, simply assemble, quickly build into an integrated overhead, lightweight plant planting base plate with water resistance, root blocking, water storage, filtration, drainage, irrigation, wind and rainwater collection, easily realize 3D greening of buildings.


Here is the case of Roof Environmental Education Platform for Shenzhen Fuyuan International Primary School

1. Analysis of Project Status

Shenzhen Fuyuan Primary School is located in Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen city, covering an area of 11022 m², it is an international school located in the center of the bustling city. As a high-tech, high starting point, high standard of public primary school, we find the disadvantage is that the space of the event venue is cramped, only the playground on the first floor can be used as an activity venue for all students. Therefore, how to make full use of the site and improve the current situation of insufficient outdoor activity space in the school is the original intention of the school to entrust us with the design, and it is also the focus of this project.


After a full scene investigation, we found three roof platforms of the school teaching building are in a vacant state. If they are reasonably used, the problem of insufficient space for outdoor activities can be extent. Of course, some problems existing in the roof platform itself also need to be solved, such as the single form of the site, the fire pipe is exposed, and the roof platform as an activity venue has certain safety risks.


2. Design Concept and Content

At the beginning of the design, we put forward the design concept of "environmental education", which also coincides with the school philosophy.

The natural environment can not only cultivate students' curiosity and imagination, but also stimulate their creativity. The return to nature is not only the return of the body, but also the return of the mind. Through the reasonable design of the site, we try to create an atmosphere of "environmental education", so that children can enhance their self-cognition, cultivate and improve emotional intelligence, independence, leadership and social skills through learning in the natural environment. We hope to use the method of natural experience to establish the connection between "man and nature", "man and man", "man and self", promote the healthy growth of students, and realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

3. Design Highlights

(1) Four functional section gardens

In the designing process, according to the characteristics of the site, we divided the functions of the teaching building and the three roof platforms of the comprehensive building, set up a multi-functional outdoor platform, and named four functional section gardens of flower garden, fruit garden, herb garden, food garden to the theme of flowers, vegetables and fruits, herbs and food plant varieties, to let students to participate in, observe and learn.


The combination of the four gardens has become the "Agricultural Garden" of the school, which is in line with the "18 gardens" of the school.  According to different scenes of campus life, set up new and interesting business gardens, law gardens, Luban Gardens, media parks, agricultural gardens and so on to let students can learn freely at any time and in any space.  Students can systematically learn a variety of knowledge and complete scientific experiments in different areas in interest groups.  The school will also integrate Chinese, music, art, science and other courses into the environment, and carry out interesting theme activities on the rooftop.


(2) Rainbow wave railings

The distinctive rainbow-colored wave railings fully demonstrate the ingenuity of the designer and are the inspiration in the design of this project. The colorful railings are scattered, winding and unwinding, pleasing to the eye, which not only cleverly solves the safety protection problem after the transformation, but also protects the children to play on the roof, and becomes a beautiful landscape in the school and the city.


(3) Feature gallery

The combination of the featured gallery and the wooden activity space on the roof forms a multi-functional outdoor lecture hall, which makes the extracurricular experience of students more diversified. The original fire pipe is placed under the detachable seat to minimize the impact on children's activities, which is another ingenious feature of the designer.


4. Construction Process


5. Technical Advantages

(1) Roof water supply and drainage

Cloud box draws on Tuancheng's ground seepage pipe net and the principles of underground canal storage, drainage and irrigation, the interior was designed with imitate the principle of farmland ditch infiltration and drainage system. It’s the first time that create the matrix surface drip drainage tube, which can ensure the timely and rapid removal of water in extreme weather storms, to avoid the roof due to the greening drainage of the roof caused by the instant load increase on the roof to bring safety risks to the roof. With reference to the international standard, the device makes full use of the advantages of container water storage, and can maximize the storage and use of rainwater. When the soil is covered by 100 mm, the container can store 4m³/100m² of rainwater, and a sufficient amount of rainwater storage can guarantee the needs of plants for 20-25 days (different seasons), saving 60-80% water than the traditional roof greening technology. The device also has the function of infiltration irrigation, and only one water inlet pipe can complete the irrigation work. This irrigation method ensures that the lower part of each container receives the same amount of water evenly, fully meets the needs of plant roots, and avoids the loss of water evaporation caused by upper irrigation.


(2) Rainwater collecting and utilization system

Plant irrigation water is from rainwater collection, recycling water. The module can organize drainaging, which can collect the rainfall runoff collected by the roof garden and the hardened surface, store the rainwater after purifying it, and use it for landscaping and landscape water bodies, fully reflecting the water control concept of "seepage, stagnation, storage, net, use and discharge" of sponge city, and achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization of rainwater resources and water conservation.


6. Project Achievements

The roof gardening case of Fuyuan Primary School realizes the combination of ecological technology, landscape art and entertainment education, provides an experiential environment education platform for teachers and students, lets students understand new agricultural science and technology knowledge, cultivates students' hands-on and independent learning ability, and also provides a good value reference case for the roof greening construction mode.



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