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Small Gardening Pressure Spray Bottle

Simple but fashioned small pressure water spray bottle can help ypu take care all kind of plants easily and satisfy with your gardening dreams.

There are so many watering cans , which one is right for you? Here some concerns you need know.

1. Flower growing type

Some flowers are relatively weak, the need for less water, you can use a simple kettle, the kind of water spray shape can be, some flowers themselves need less water, with a small water bottle can be, some flowers need a lot of water, you can not use the spray type, you need the kind of water bottle, generally common kettle.

2, the number of flowers

If you have a few POTS of flowers at home, then buy a simple kettle on the line, if you have a very large number of flowers at home, in order to better spray water, it is recommended to use an electric sprinkler is quick and convenient.

3. Flower location

If the flowers are raised in the balcony position, then use a simple general kettle on the line, if there is a garden or in a large area of open space to grow flowers, you can take the spray pipe directly water, of course, you can also make a simple automatic water spraying device in the middle of the flower

4. Time and cost

If you have a lot of time you can buy a simple water bottle to spray water one by one, while looking at the flowers, if you have limited time, then use the kind of water tank on the back of the mass spray, or electric spray water bottles can also be. If you want to spend money on a good water bottle you can buy one that works, but it also costs money, if you want to save money you can get a simple water bottle, or even a bowl to water.

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